Knowledge Buffet- share the outcome!

We would like to see the outcome of the group project as some form of hands-on activity rather than “presentation”. This can be a workshop, discussion session, full scale performance or installation where the other participants can fully experience the outcome and share the knowledge gained during the project time.

This year, we spend one whole day on the Saturday to exchange the focus group outcome. Each group had 50min to plan the activity.

9:00- 9:50 Educational Toolkit
3 example activities and presentations. Sorting Bubble Hopscotch game/ UV light gloves game/ education sample swatch and wearable breadboard

10:00- 10:50 Go Small Go Wireless
mini lecture on introduction to Wifi network and how the ESP wifi module works

11:00- 11:50 Geek Out Printing
hands-on mini print workshop (half group each for 30min)

–12:00- 13:30 DIY Sushi Lunch–

13:30- 14:20 Make your tech and wear it too
Archeology of wearable technology in 21st century: exhibition and discussion

14:30- 15:20 Tools for Practitioners
Presentation of Tools development process, discussion

–15:20-15:40 Coffee and Cake Break–

15:40-16:30 Geek Out Knitting
Presentation on 5 tracks, 4 demonstration stations

16:40-17:30 Industrialization
Presentation, Discussion

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