Lost and Found



1. Rain Jacket from Rukka, Size XL
2. some kind of high tech swimming towel
3. sandals >> Becca
4. black sweater/cardigan from Esprit
5. Muji note with French Writing. Is it Celine’s??
6. Wei’s
7. Pen (Yellow dot sticker on it) >> Irene
8. Tomato shaped pin cushion
9. seam wripper
10. Esteban’s
11. Mac charger/ small/ new model’s (Yellow dot sticker on it) >> Irene
12. Audio jack cable
13. acrylic shuttle (for laser loom?)
14. Shibori experiments
15. knit cable
16. red sweater from “Sarah Spencer”
17. Clemens’s

18. soldering iron

we also found this next to the resident house door

and we have
Wendy- I have your hat
Martin- your sweeter and Sofie’s watch is with shelly in Paris
Antoine- I have your gray sweeter
Tincuta- I have your note/exhibit
Lynsey- I have your two books and the Apron

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