preparation log: June 4th


In this meeting, we discussed the result from the second meeting with Shelly and James, the content of the focus group, how we introduce this idea to the participants and the schedule of the summer camp.
The member of this meeting is Hannah, Pauline, Ingo and Mika.

Mika and Ingo have talked with Shelly and James during the day. We clarified the room situation of the exhibition. We will use the room “MUSSE” this year. It is 64.5 m2, lower ceiling but has a lot of hanging structure and spotlights.
e textiles galerie+dimentions

Ingo is already thinking of how we can place things. This year, again Anja, Irene and Ingo will be the exhibition team. You will hear from them about the requirement and plan of exhibition soon!

The other topic we discussed with Shelly is the accommodation. As we are bigger group, we are looking for a second space to accommodate extra number. Maybe we find an empty house in the village where we can rent for 1 week. Then we will make a temporal dormitory there. This is still unknown. Let’s cross our finger! Otherwise we will have to squeeze a bit this year. The main house is big, and we can fit in for sure.. I am a bit concerned about the length of the toilette ques :) Well, we will manage.


The main discussion of the day was the focus group.
We will spread into focus groups this year. The first 4 days will be spent as experimentation time with the specific focus topic with groups, and the last 2 days we plan to share the knowledge produced in these experiments in some kind of hands-on activity designed by each group. This can be a performance, installation, discussion or a workshop.
We are proposing 8 focus group topics. The details will be announced via mailing list and also posted on this site.

Our idea is that instead of doing a workshop in the beginning, which workshop leaders prepare prior to the camp, we spend the time at summer camp to experiment and develop the workshops (or discussion, or can be other format). So, it is not the case that we do not have workshop this year, but we have more (hopefully) advanced/experimental workshops this year.

Of course we do not know how this will turn out, and it is a big experiment!

Besides, we will have few introductory mini workshops in the morning.

Today’s menu was Nachos baked with chili and cheddar cheese with homemade salsa and guacamole.
yes, it was very very good and spicy!

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