Preparation log: May 28th


The member of this meeting is Hannah, Pauline, Ingo and Mika.
In this meeting, we discussed the new schedule structure. We are planning to change it completely this year. Instead of having workshops and discussions at the beginning and group project for the last half, we will start with focus group experimentation and end with workshops/discussion or other types of presentation that passes the knowledge produced through the experimentation.
We talked about how we could structure it, possible time planning, what kind of ways to share the information.. so on.
We are also formulating the idea for focus groups, which will be proposed to the camper soon.

We did not dismiss the idea of workshops completely. We will probably have some mini workshops that introduces special techniques as well as some introduction to tools and labs.

We shortly talked about the exhibition as well. Yes, there will be an exhibition this year.
We are currently waiting for the detail information from James and Shelly as we can not use the same room as the last year.

And today’s dinner menu was Thai Red Curry with Okura, Enoki mushroom and Fried Tofu. Yamm!

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