Submit your recipes!

Submit your favorite recipes for summer camp menu!

During the summer camp, we plan to cook together our food. Please submit your favorite recipe that can be cooked at the summer camp. We usually have sandwiches and salads for lunch (some kind of quick cooking) and warm food for dinner. The kitchen facility is limited, but still we can improvise. There will be 2 electric oven top (what you put a pot and pans on), 3 gas top, 1 gas oven and 1 small electric oven.

We have 28 meet eaters, 9 vegetarians who would eat fish, and 1 vegan.
we have 4 people who are lactose intolerance, 2 has serious fish allergy, 1 is allergic to nut (peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds), 1 is allergic to tomatoes and 1 can not eat wheat product (pasta, bread).

As it is difficult to cook 40 servings of one dish, we usually cook several kinds of dishes per each meal. This way we can also satisfy different food preferences and requirements. When you submit the recipe, please specify the serving amount. If you can calculate already for 8 or 10 servings, will be helpful.

The one who submit the recipe does not necessary need to cook the dish. But of course you are the master of the dish, so it is always helpful to have a master in the kitchen! The cooking tasks are for everyone who wants to cook.. and usually we do not have shortage of the chefs at the summer camp :)

Here are the examples from the last years’ recipes

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