Tincuta Heinzel



I’m an artist, scholar and curator interested in the relationship between art and technoscience, with a special focus on smart materials and wearable technologies.

I’m a member of the 2580 Association (Cluj, Romania) and of Paidia Institute (Cologne, Germany).

Following Visual Arts and Cultural Anthropology  studies, I completed my PhD thesis at Paris 1 University (France) on the aesthetics of electronic and reactive textiles. My artistic production focuses on electronic textiles, video and interactive installations and engages the ways in which technologies can be diverted in order to bring into the light their common places and potentialities. I was and I am implicated in a series of design projects related to the integration of electronic textiles in smart homes /spaces.

I initiated, curated and/or coordinated several projects, such as “Areas of Conflu(x)ence” in the frame of Luxembourg and Sibiu 2007 – European Capitals of Culture, “Artists in Industry” (Bucharest, 2011-2012) and “Haptosonics” (Oslo, 2013). My most recent project is “Repertories of (in)discreetness”, an artistic research project dealing with the archives of Radio Free Europe.

I am researcher at Nottingham Trent University.






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