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What kinds of specialized tools could E-Textile practitioners use? Being an interdisciplinary trade, many tools of our trade come from either electrical engineering or textile practices. Can we imagine and build unique tools that would fulfill needs unique to the practice of E-Textiles?

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possible sub-topics:

Measuring Tools


Manipulating Tools

Software Tools
Eagle meets pattern-making?

Documentation and Sharing Tools
Handmade camera >>

E-Textile Tools
Tools that are themselves made of E-Textile (wearable multimeter…)

4 Responses to Tools for Practitioners

  1. hannah says:

    I am torn between “Tools”, “Sustainable E-Textiles” and “Making my tech and wearing it too”. But I think I can distill my interests in these three topics into one idea: I’m interested in thinking about building tools for e-textiles that are themselves e-textile and to have at integrating a power solution that is not a battery or mains power, but maybe solar, movement or heat. The reason for my interest in these topics comes in part because I’ve started building some tools for myself that allow me to be more mobile in my practice (Wearable Studio). Plus, Irene has been doing some really nice work building custom probes for the multimeter! In addition all that, depending on the tool, it could be a nice opportunity to design it to be partially or fully knit on the machines.
    My next step will be to try and come up with all kinds of crazy but hopefully useful ideas for tools of our trade…

  2. Irene Posch says:

    This topic became a strong research focus of mine in the past months. As Hannah mentioned I am working on custom multimeter probes, but also experimenting with the set of tools that are suitable for our discipline as opposed to “textiles”, “electronics” or the many other fields we draw inspiration from. With these prototypes I’m interested to reflect on e-textile practices and the conditions that bring them into being – and eventually build them into “real tools” to use.

  3. SHIH WEI CHIEH says:

    Hi all

    It is really nice to meet you professional e-textile artists here. looking forward to the multimeter and hannah’s works there!

    In my opinion I think e-textile is not a really good solution for wearable device, since there’s already super cutting edge technology for example like nano films from the company MC10, I think the better application of e-textile is aim for architecture or interior design, because textile provide bigger scale and strong structure but it’s just my opinion…

    Right now My project is to make circuits on fabric by handweaving method, I work with aboriginal people and use their existed skills, this project is not advance by the technique or the functionality, but to create a communication between modern society and handcraft worker group, conductive materials, programming skills act as a medium in the project, this is what I am interested in.

    Regarding to material, I’m experienmenting with transparent film speaker, it’s a ready product from a Korea company, maybe it can be useful for this workshop?

    Thank you 😉

  4. Ingo Randolf says:


    we are merging “Go small, go wireless” into this group, so i am joining this group.
    i recently worked with ESP8266 chips, and would be interested to figure out more what and how to do things with chips like that.

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