Aniela Hoitink

Aniela Hoitink

After she completed Fashion Design at the Utrecht School of Arts, Aniela worked for various fashion companies (i.a. Tommy Hilfiger, Gaastra) gaining a wealth of experience in developing artworks and all-over patterns as well as in designing entire collections. Aniela launched Neffa in 2004, as a way to better express her creativeness and to give her the opportunity to turn her original ideas into surprising products and concepts.

The name Neffa means “net effe anders” in Dutch, wanting to do things just that bit differently. Aniela believes that distinctiveness and individuality in people and materials are the elements that make the world a special place.

Textile innovation, but just that bit different, is what Neffa is all about. Through her multi- and interdisciplinary way of working and by altering or adding properties to textile, Aniela is investigating how we can and will use textiles in the future and what the related implications will be. Using technology and microbiology, Aniela looks at textile as an extension of the skin, driven by the exploration of their multifunctional layers. And she is on a quest for improving or changing the properties of traditional textile materials.

Aniela helps companies, research institutes and universities by applying their technology into prototypes or designs in order to make it more appealing for a specific target group or a wider audience. She also initiates her own projects and gives inspiring presentations. Her work is featured in various magazines and blogs as Dezeen, Huffington Post and the Guardian and is regularly exhibited.

MycoTEX by Neffa

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