Camp Day 1


In the morning, we had an embarrassing Yoga session… No one showed up at 7:00am! Well, this has changed in the coming mornings.

After the introduction session, we had two hours of workshop on Level up Arduino, Beyond Arduino and Pressure and distance sensing.

(Picture by Wei Chieh Shih)

After the lunch, we had an interesting discussion on Softopia. The discussion leaders conducted a mini brainstorming workshop on what our thoughts on utopian society and wearables/ etextiles.

(picture Anna Blumenkranz)
(picture by Tincuta Heinzel)

We ended the afternoon with grouping up the focus group and starting to chat the plan for the week.

The subversives started their session in the local cafĂ©. You can read about this in this post. We were only a little bit ambitious: We wanted to create a silicon e-textile valley in the Loire region…

The fictional group spent their first discussion mainly telling each other sci-fi stories, went on with dreaming about machine-centric societies, immaterial etextile materials and other future scenarios. There was definitely a desire to come up with a general narrative, which would hold together all projects we were about to create in the following days.


(picture Anna Blumenkranz)

The dinner was Thai Curry with summer roll!

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