Camp Day 2

We started the morning with Yoga and Croissant (Thanks to Beam for picking them up every morning from the bakery).
Liste de baguettes, croissants et pain au chocolat:


We had 3 hours of workshop on Bio textile and EMF sensing. It was very interesting that we almost forgot to go to lunch!

Bio textile:


(Picture Wei Chieh Shih)


The EMF workshop was lead by Martin and Afroditi, in which participants were invited to build two circuits for picking up EMF with an antenna attached to the circuit, and get three types of outputs: audio, light and vibration.



The swatch exchange was scheduled in the afternoon, but we had to postpone this as the book was not ready. Instead we worked on the focus group topics. Also, there were exhibition opening planned in the evening (17:00-) so many of us were running around to set up the exhibition ready.

The exhibition opening went well. We had quite a lot of visitors.



At the end, we had a nice Ratatouille and potato salad and roasted chicken dinner.

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