Camp Day 3

Another day with big workshop.

We started with 3 hours workshop on Performance and eTextile and Energy harvesting.


(Maurin leading the Energy Harvesting, picture by Anna Bumenkranz, more in this post: )

In the afternoon, we had another focus group session.

The Subversives had a second talking session and decided to start to make things individually. This is the proven technique of divergence after too much talking.

Working on the Zebra fabric and the glossy material, conductive wool in the loom…

During the tea break (and a bit longer), Admar gave a demo and lecture on the capacitive sensing.

The dinner was delicious Samosa and Quinoa with Vegetable, beetroot salad.

After the meal, there were pechakucha entry from one of the Performance workshop group to share the outcome, and Admar made another lecture on capacitive sensing.


(picture Anna Blumenkranz)

(Video by Anna Blumenkranz)


(picture Anna Blumenkranz)


(picture Anna Blumenkranz)

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