Camp Day 7

Today is the last day of the camp.
By now, some people are totally in the routine of getting up at 7 and practicing Yoga… well, not everyone though;)

The morning is the last chance for the focus group to finish up before the presentation. Everyone is very tense at this moment.

At 11:00, we started our presentation sessions. The first stop was at the exhibition. We had 1 hour of Q&A with the exhibitors.

The lunch was the DIY sushi. This is becoming a tradition here.

After the lunch, we started with Subversive Technique and DIY culture group.
Sascha showed her beautiful EMF kite, but wind is a scarce resource in Paillard.

(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz, here Shelly and James are giving the kite a try)

Beam made a hilarious politician’s diaper. We just need the AI to detect the brainshit in the words of a politician and to filter it out with this brain-diaper. Since we have a self driving car and a world champion chess computer now, this artificial detection of corrupt language should be a piece of cake for Klemenz. Well …
(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)
Anastasia made a dangerous boob energy harvester
(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)
Troy made a shoe that visualizes the moisture on the ground
<pictures? anyone?>
And Admar addressed that he made an openframeworks version of his capacitive sensing software.
<Admar, do you have the link?>
Maurin on DIY: …

Then it was the Performative eTextiles group’s turn. They have presented their process of development, and made a public rehearsal with a dancer (Shelly) with the just finished prototype.
(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)

After the tea break, the fictional eTextile group made a conference on “Wool Punk”
(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)


(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)

The last to present was the Harvesting Textile group. We had to wait to see their presentation as only 6 person at a time was allowed to see. We followed the guide (Tincuta) to the small house next to the petanque coat. Then you encounter 3 wicked persons, two evil girls guiding you to enter the house. Inside the house, you meet the goddess of Kombucha! ohmmmm……..
(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)
(Picture by Wei Chieh Shih)

Of course the end of the summer camp is the big BBQ feast with wine. We had good food, drink, chat and dance… until late night.
(Picture by Anna Blumenkranz)

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