Kombucha+ workshop


Already far in 2017… A nice follow up for our kombucha workshop.  In ESTEC Noordwijk, Agata Kołodziejczyk (research fellow in the Advanced Concepts Team at European Space Agency (ESA) organized a workshop with kombucha and algae, lichen and moss. Ambitions … Continue reading

Zebra Considerations


What happens combining energy harvesting and subversive. Two summercamps ago Mika brought some marvellous zebra material, stretchy and alternating conductive and non conductive stripes. This material allows a politician to make more and more and more. Voltage in this case. … Continue reading

The subversive prints from Shih Wei Chieh


I was in the harvesting group but then realized it’s too short time to actually making hands on experiments of harvesting so I flee to the subversive textile group, a bit shame to be always in none-focus group every year. … Continue reading

Camp Day 7

Today is the last day of the camp. By now, some people are totally in the routine of getting up at 7 and practicing Yoga… well, not everyone though;) The morning is the last chance for the focus group to … Continue reading

Camp Day 6

This is the last full working day for the focus group. Every group is very concentrated working hard.. and somehow this year, there are some secrecy between the groups. (Picture Anna Blumenkranz) Everyone is very curious what the others are … Continue reading

Camp Day 5

The whole day focus group working day. Subversive focusgroup: Sascha made her conductive beard and tested it on participants: The fictional group agreed upon working on the Wool Punk scenario: an underground movement set in an alternative history, where … Continue reading

Camp Day 4

Off Day! Everyone went to do different things during the day. We had an excursion to La Chartre sur le Loir: where we invaded the wool shop and had a petit café at Hotel de la France. In the afternoon … Continue reading

Camp Day 3

Another day with big workshop. We started with 3 hours workshop on Performance and eTextile and Energy harvesting. (Maurin leading the Energy Harvesting, picture by Anna Bumenkranz, more in this post: ) In the afternoon, we had another focus … Continue reading

Camp Day 2


We started the morning with Yoga and Croissant (Thanks to Beam for picking them up every morning from the bakery). Liste de baguettes, croissants et pain au chocolat: We had 3 hours of workshop on Bio textile and EMF sensing. … Continue reading

Camp Day 1

Saturday, In the morning, we had an embarrassing Yoga session… No one showed up at 7:00am! Well, this has changed in the coming mornings. After the introduction session, we had two hours of workshop on Level up Arduino, Beyond Arduino … Continue reading

What is “garter bar” in French?

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 08.25.34

and this French words is connected to the right image? apparently! Because of the curvature of a knitting single layer the knitting is reversed on the border using the garter bar. Alternating every 10 tours gives a knitting with elasticity. … Continue reading

Workshop Energy Harvesting


The class … doing experiments with materials, getting to know voltage or current, Barbro creating a textile peltier element with constantin-copper connections in series, it provided around 30mV on a container with ice and your hand at the other side. … Continue reading

Focus group – Subversive e-textiles – start

We started subversivily with Sascha and Beam, Troy joined us and we went for the local café for inspiration. Anastasia joined us after the café session. we discussed the way a virus is creative … Then we played with stuff … Continue reading

July 21: preparation Day4

The morning started chilly and gray. We will be going to Tour for big food shopping.

July 20th: Preparation Day3

We started the morning with Baguette test. All of them are pretty good. Also Croissant and pain au chocolat are perfect. The morning started a bit cloudy and now it started to rain. Hopefully it is stopping quickly. It is … Continue reading

July 19th: Preparation Day2

It is sunny and hot in Paillard. James said it will go up to 40 degrees today! We started early to move the furniture from the main house before it gets too hot… well, it is already very hot! At … Continue reading

July 18th: Organization team at Paillard

We are at Paillard after 16 hours of drive from Berlin! Pauline, Ingo and Mika got here 7:00 in the morning, totally exhausted.. It was nice to find beds and warm welcome from Shelly and James. After some rest, we … Continue reading

Subversive e-textile – menu!

Somehow, i am getting pretty hungry reading all the recipe posts. So I present a menu which is not easily digestable. It is about human responsability, paradoxes of necessary order implying unavoidable disabuse of power. (By the way, I belong … Continue reading