Focus Group

Zebra Considerations


What happens combining energy harvesting and subversive. Two summercamps ago Mika brought some marvellous zebra material, stretchy and alternating conductive and non conductive stripes. This material allows a politician to make more and more and more. Voltage in this case. … Continue reading

The subversive prints from Shih Wei Chieh


I was in the harvesting group but then realized it’s too short time to actually making hands on experiments of harvesting so I flee to the subversive textile group, a bit shame to be always in none-focus group every year. … Continue reading

Focus group – Subversive e-textiles – start

We started subversivily with Sascha and Beam, Troy joined us and we went for the local café for inspiration. Anastasia joined us after the café session. we discussed the way a virus is creative … Then we played with stuff … Continue reading

DIY Culture

Education and documentation of eTextile has been a topic for long time. In this focus group, I propose to look at the knowledge share process of eTextiles as DIY culture, including its punk spirit to engage in copy left movement … Continue reading

Performative eTextile

This focus group explore how eTextile function in the play of performance acts, and what is the role of eTextile on stage. As more and more technologies are used in performance context, I feel a lack of aesthetic language of … Continue reading

Subversive Techniques

From Knitting to Printing, we use many different textile techniques to create electronics objects. Could these techniques “subversive” for the coming era? What are the technical/ethical boundaries? What are the changes these techniques enable? Keywords: knitting, weaving, embroidery, printing,

Fictional eTextile

When we talk about the future vision of eTextile and technology, I can not help feeling the lack of story telling. With the help of design fiction/speculative design as method, can we create the story of future with eTextiles? Is … Continue reading

Harvesting Textile

harvesting textiles group e-textile summercamp

Our brief: Artists and designers have been proposing the ideas to grow textiles as the ways to think about environmental, sustainable, ethical issues surrounding the textile production. In this focus group, I propose to think about these issues including how … Continue reading