Kombucha+ workshop


Already far in 2017… A nice follow up for our kombucha workshop.  In ESTEC Noordwijk, Agata Kołodziejczyk (research fellow in the Advanced Concepts Team at European Space Agency (ESA) organized a workshop with kombucha and algae, lichen and moss. Ambitions … Continue reading


stack of books

Here are the books that were brought to Summer Camp 2016: Alone Together The Art of Manipulating Fabric The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving The Book of Symbols Closer Craftista! The Design of Everyday Things Design Research – Methods … Continue reading

Non Conductive Fabric


woven, non stretch fabric white/black/color 2m each Lycra jersey fabric white/black/color 2m each Tulle white/black 2m each Organza synthetic white/black 2m each Toile fabric 5m Yarn Assortment for knitting machine 6kg total Neoprene Company : Sedo Chemicals There will be … Continue reading

non conductive materials


Poppers/ Snaps This is an Ring Prong fastener 7mm in size. zipper hook ribbon safety pin stretchy ribbon stuffing Magnets (various sizes) We bought it from Polymorph We bought it from Modulor epoxy Company: Little Windows Characteristics: Easy to … Continue reading



Mono Audio Amp AdaFruit GEMMA Adafruit FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor Adafruit Flora Color Sensor Adafruit Flora UV Index Sensor Adafruit Flora Adafruit Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel Adafruit USB lipo charger Adafruit Breadboard PCB Adafruit teensy LC Adafruit accelerometer Lilypad simple Sparkfun … Continue reading

Conductive Thread and Yarn


Conductive Thread High Flex 3981 7X1 Silver 14/000 company: Karl Grimm Characteristic: Very conductive, Solder-able Syscom Silver Thread company: Syscom Advanced Materials Characteristic: thin silver fiber twisted together. very conductive. Solder-able. Elitex Fadenmaterial Art Nr. 235/34 PA/Ag company: Imbut GmbH … Continue reading

Conductive fabric


Conductive fabrics Copper Ripstop Fabric Shieldex Kassel Company: Statex Characteristics: Corrosion proof copper-silver plated polyamide ripstop fabric, < 0.03 Ohms/cm2 surface resistivity. Shieldex Technik-tex P130 Company: Statex Characteristics: Silver plated knitted fabric, 78% Polyamide + 22% Elastomer plated with 99% … Continue reading