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Andi suggested to make meatballs (a little late but I guess still nice for lunch)! Here is the recipe for 8 people: 1400g hamburger meat (cow) 500g nuts 6 garlics feta fresh basil paprika spiceeggs salt/pepper

Cucumber yoghurt with raisins

(serving for 8) 100g raisins 50g walnuts (we can have them seperately and add each at the table) fresh peppermint 1 cucumber 800g yoghurt salt, pepper Wash the raisins, and chop the walnuts. Wash the peppermint leaves and chop them, … Continue reading

Maki Sushi

It was fun to make Maki for one of the lunch. We could probably do this again? We will prepare a big amount of rice and Nori (seaweed) with various ingredients and it is up to you to roll what … Continue reading


Ingredients: 450g flour 1 yeast bread sachet 2 soup spoon olive oil 1 soup spoon sugar 1 and half tbsp salt 1kg oinions can salt or oil anchovy balck olive can

Big simple pizza

Ingredients: 450g flour 1 yeast bread sachet 2 soup spoon olive oil 1 soup spoon sugar 1 and half tbsp salt celeri leaves (4 stick) 1,5kg tomatoes optional (bacon , mozzarella…)

Salty cake

for about 6 servings we need : Dough : 150g flour 3 eggs 1 sachet of yeast 12 cL of milk 10 cL of olive oil salt and pepper Fillings : Version A : 200g goat cheese + 200g pitted olives (half … Continue reading


Ingredients: wrap bread (2-3 per person) 6 cucumbers 25-30 tomatoes tuna can (x5) 4 red pepper feta cheese (x4) avocado salad mayonnaise chicken (leftover) humus (prepared on friday)

Couscous salad

Ingredients couscous zucchini cherry tomato black olive feta cheese red paprika green onion salad leaf (rucola,baby spinach.. any leaf works) salt balsamico vinegar olive oil Parsley, mint (optional) Tools knife, cutting board, water cooker, big bawl, small bawl Steps 1. … Continue reading

German Style Potato Salad

Ingredients: Potato Onion eggs sun dried tomato parsley salt pepper vinegar olive oil

Lentil and sun dried tomato salad

I had this salad on a hot day in Greece.. and it is perfect for a sweaty day. It could be a nice lunch salad. Ingredients for 10 servings 3 red onion, chopped 600g Puy or green lentils canned feta … Continue reading


The last evening dinner will be a BBQ. Let’s have a feast together! Please add/ edit what you want to BBQ (you need to log in): Vegetable and cheese -Zucchini -Egg plant -Potato -Mushroom -Feta cheese -Onion -Garlic -Halloumi -Pepper … Continue reading

Raw Broccoli and Sultana Salad

broc salad

Broccoli salad (serves 15) 5 large heads broccoli 3 x red onions 1 large packet raisons or sultanas 1 large packet slithered or sliced almonds *(no matter if whole… I can chop) Ingredients for sweet vinaigrette = Red wine vinegar, … Continue reading

Hannah’s Nachos

Hannah makes an amazing Nachos! (well, the picture above is from internet..) We can maybe do this at summer camp? Ingredients: Tortilla chips (salty plane) Few scoop of Chili con/sin carne (see the parallel menu) a lot of cheese (cheddar, … Continue reading

chili sin/con carne

This is from a recipe book I have. It is a vegetarian chili, and I make it very often. Since the recipe is in German, I am not reading it very carefully.. by now there are a lot of modification … Continue reading


original>> Ingredients: (serving 10) 2 cup bulghur wheat (or couscous) 3 cups boiling water 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (4 lemons) 1/2 cup good olive oil 7 teaspoons kosher salt 2 cup minced scallions, white and green parts … Continue reading


Ingredients (serving for 10) 800g canned chickpeas 8 tbsp lemon juice or more 8 garlic cloves, crushed 4 tsp ground cumin Salt 400ml tahini (sesame seed paste) 16 tbsp water 8 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Preparation method 1. Drain … Continue reading

Couscous with stew

Ingredients: (for 20-25 serving) 4 kg of semolina olive oil 800 g of chickpea 300 g of dry raisin 20 zucchini 2 kg of turnip 2 kg broad bean 2 fennel 2 lemon 2 stick of celery parsley Coriander fresch … Continue reading

Alla Norma

Ingredients: (this is a recipe from Beppe, and it is in Italian! check the cook book) 500g tomato can 2 eggplant 2 clove of garlic Basil oil salt

Pasta with freshly made pesto and green beans


  recipe for 4 people (multiply the quantities according to number of people) a bunch of basel 320 gr. of short pasta (pennette are fine, even better if Kamut pasta) 30 grams of pine nuts half clove of garlic 50 … Continue reading

Walnut sauce

Ingredients: 250g walnuts 125g soya cream half clove of garlic extra virgin olive oil salt

Grandma Anna’s Ragu Sause

Ingredients: (serves 4) 1 onion 2 carrot 2 celery 500 minced meet (half pork, half beef) 1 glass of red wine 250g tomato sauce 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper

Rice salad


A rice salad is something rather simple to prepare and can be filled with many different ingredients. The one I make often is made with : 500 g rice 3/4 of a cucumber 1 can of corn some dried tomatoes … Continue reading

Beetroot salad

Ingredients: (serving for 12) Beetroot 6 Roquette or baby spinach leaves 1 bag or 2 bunches parsley 1 bunch feta cheese 400g olive oil lemon juice salt and pepper Steps: peal the beetroot and cut in half and slice it … Continue reading

Spartaner-Hirse Mediterran

Spartaner-Hirse Mediterran

(sorry this will be in german >> ask Anja!) for 10 persons 1000g Hirse 4l Water sea salt 5 onions 5 Zucchini 3 eggplant 5 carrot 20 El Oliveoil 400g Tomato paste 2TL Oregano black pepper 150g Alfalfa 200g roasted … Continue reading


Recipe for approx. 15 people * About 1.5 kg very ripe, large tomatoes * 10 tbsp extra virgin olive oil * 1 bulb garlic * 5 tbsp cider vinegar * Stale french bread (3 sticks), torn into bite-sized chunks * … Continue reading

Vegetarian Samosa

Pour 16 samoussas : 8 brick leaves 125g coral lentils 1 small potatoes 1 small pepper 1 small oignon 2 spoon of curry 1 spoon of coriander 1 cuillère celeri salt 1/2 cube of vegetable bouillon 1 clove of garlic … Continue reading

Green salad

vegetables tart

Ingredients: (for 3 tart) Various vegetables Mushroom 200g Broccoli 200g Pear 2 Black Olive 1 bottle Red pepper 1 goat cheese 100g feta 100g roquefort 100g crème fresh 150 cl eggs 9 tart dought 3 salt and pepper


Ingredients: (20 servings) 10 Zucchini 5 eggplant 5 red pepper 15 tomatoes 5 oignon 10 garlic clove Thym laurel (bouquet garni) olive oil salt and pepper 5 green pepper

Roasted Chichen

Ingredients: (24 servings) Herbs thym chicken 6 onions 3 garlic 2 olive oil

Honey soy grilled chicken

Ingredients: (20 pieces) Chicken legs 20 pieces soy source honey chili sesame seed if you like Marinate the chicken in Honey, soy source, chili mix for over night. Spread the chicken on a grilling plate and roast it with 200 … Continue reading

Summer roll

Ingredients (you can make 15-20 rolls and cut in half) spring roll wrappers carrot 4 cucumber 2 red pepper 6 salad 1 coriander 2 bunch rice vermicelli 2 packs mint 2 bunch sesame seeds some sauce: vinegar sugar (brown is … Continue reading

Salad with fried tofu

(the above image may not represent what it is like…) Ingredients: (2-3 big bowls) Fried tofu 400g Salad leaf 2 cucumber 2 Red bell pepper 2 Dressing (you can change it as you like) lime 4 (take a juice) chili … Continue reading

Thai Curry

This is my usual recipe. I am sure there are millions of ways to do a good Thai curry:) Ingredients: 25 servings Red Curry paste 300g Ginger big 2 chunk garlic 6 clove coconut cream 6 can coconut cream (sweet)/ … Continue reading

Couscous with grilled cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs


I hooked the whole family on this salad by the genius Yotam Ottolenghi. I simplified and adjusted the recipe to my likings. You can mix the ingredients last sec, in case someone is allergic to onions, almonds, etc. Serves 12 … Continue reading

Aubergine Parmigiana

Recipe and image courtesy of River Cottage Veg Everyday Serves 12 people Ingredients: 8 medium aubergines (about 2 kg) 10 tablespoons of olive oil 4 balls of buffalo mozzarella (125 each) torn into pieces About 70g of parmesan 4 onions, … Continue reading

Seafood Linguine


This is one of mine and my husband’s favourite dinners! Recipe is courtesy of Jamie Oliver 😉 (Image from Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals) Feeds 8 people Ingredients 640g dried linguine 2 fresh red chillis 8 anchovy fillets 2 pinch of … Continue reading


Fourme d’Ambert Tart - Rob Newell photo

(picture from : ) A strong blue french cheese tart with pears…… (strong cheese can be changed for a less strong one if you don’t feel it 😉 ) Easy and quick to make recipe ! Preparation : 20min … Continue reading