Andi suggested to make meatballs (a little late but I guess still nice for lunch)! Here is the recipe for 8 people: 1400g hamburger meat (cow) 500g nuts 6 garlics feta fresh basil paprika spiceeggs salt/pepper

Maki Sushi

It was fun to make Maki for one of the lunch. We could probably do this again? We will prepare a big amount of rice and Nori (seaweed) with various ingredients and it is up to you to roll what … Continue reading

Big simple pizza

Ingredients: 450g flour 1 yeast bread sachet 2 soup spoon olive oil 1 soup spoon sugar 1 and half tbsp salt celeri leaves (4 stick) 1,5kg tomatoes optional (bacon , mozzarella…)

Salty cake

for about 6 servings we need : Dough : 150g flour 3 eggs 1 sachet of yeast 12 cL of milk 10 cL of olive oil salt and pepper Fillings : Version¬†A : 200g goat cheese +¬†200g pitted olives (half … Continue reading


Ingredients: wrap bread (2-3 per person) 6 cucumbers 25-30 tomatoes tuna can (x5) 4 red pepper feta cheese (x4) avocado salad mayonnaise chicken (leftover) humus (prepared on friday)

Couscous salad

Ingredients couscous zucchini cherry tomato black olive feta cheese red paprika green onion salad leaf (rucola,baby spinach.. any leaf works) salt balsamico vinegar olive oil Parsley, mint (optional) Tools knife, cutting board, water cooker, big bawl, small bawl Steps 1. … Continue reading

German Style Potato Salad

Ingredients: Potato Onion eggs sun dried tomato parsley salt pepper vinegar olive oil

Lentil and sun dried tomato salad

I had this salad on a hot day in Greece.. and it is perfect for a sweaty day. It could be a nice lunch salad. Ingredients for 10 servings 3 red onion, chopped 600g Puy or green lentils canned feta … Continue reading