DIY Culture

Education and documentation of eTextile has been a topic for long time. In this focus group, I propose to look at the knowledge share process of eTextiles as DIY culture, including its punk spirit to engage in copy left movement and open hardware discussions.
The education of eTextile can be used in larger context of education than passing a skill. How do you teach? How do you document? and what does it mean to teach and document??

keyword: DIY, education, documentation, tutorial, instruction, open hardware

3 Responses to DIY Culture

  1. Maurin says:

    I would like to build a map of e-textile projects/techniques to allow easy documentation and teaching. I started to do so on the DataPolette wiki and I want to improve that classification :

  2. Admar says:

    In my university knowledge on textiles and especially e-textiles is dispersed and not easy to find. I’d be interested to learn more about documentation and teaching.

    @Maurin: your website looks like a nice start!

  3. Anastasia Pistofidou says:

    I would love to be part of this group and contribute with online tutorials and other creative formats of teaching and documenting as the DIY culture is currently shifting the whole educational system. I am looking forward to work collaboratively and contribute
    in the co-creation of a pseudo-academic program and promote the build-on knowledge, rather than the disperse fragmented
    Currently my activities at Fab Lab Barcelona have led to the constitution of the textile and material lab and the demand of the students for this nature of expertise and activities. I would love to expand and manifest through it new forms of learning/teaching.
    I hope to be able to learn and contribute.


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