How to get there

The nearest international airports are in Paris, Charles De Gaulle airport and Orly airport. From these airports, you will need to go to city center, either to Montparnasse Station.
To book the train ticket, you can use this site >>

We are planning the following pick up from VENDOME TGV station on Friday 22nd July:
(you can take the train (TGV) at 12:14 PARIS MONTPARNASSE >> 12.59 VENDOME TGV)
17.10 at VENDOME TGV station (you can take the train at 16:13 from PARIS MONTPARNASSE)
 (you can take the train (TGV) at 18:14 PARIS MONTPARNASSE >> 18.59 VENDOME TGV)

And here is the plan for drop-off at  VENDOME TGV station on Saturday 30th July:
11.45 (you can take the train (TGV) at 12:01 to PARIS MONTPARNASSE) (You can take 12:01 Vendome – 12:46 Paris Montparnasse)

The car ride Paillard-Vendome is about 45min long.

If you are coming with your Car 

(about 2 1/2 hours), via Saint Calais
The A11 is a toll road. It costs 13.60 Euro each way.
Get off from A11 at the exit number 5, La Ferté-Bernard, and take the local road D1 toward Saint Calais, pass Saint Calais and take D13,D303 and D305 to Poncé sur le Loir.

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