July 19th: Preparation Day2

It is sunny and hot in Paillard. James said it will go up to 40 degrees today! We started early to move the furniture from the main house before it gets too hot… well, it is already very hot!

At the breakfast, Ingo and James are planning how to bring the LAN cable from the house to the theater. They got it working before noon. Yes! we have an internet at the theater this year. It is not a very fast connection but enough to google somethings.

Somehow James got a lot of boy chickens this year. 7 boys with 5 girls! and the boys are not very nice to the ladies… We may have to do “Coq au vin” soon.

James and Ingo moved all the couches and sofas to the theater before noon. Now we have the living room setup ready!

PHOTO_20160720_182658 While Pauline removed spider webs from the Printing room…

This has been some general cleaning before getting to that point…
… and set up some Kombucha growing boxes in the shelf !
It´s warm and cosy here, hopefully we´ll observe some nice results in the next days…

Do you remember Bloom? He got a bit fat now:)

In the evening, Beam arrived. We cooked stuffed zucchini and bell pepper. James made a little BBQ with sausage and we had a nice dinner with very very good red wine!

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