Panel Discussion

There will be a discussion on the topic of Softopia organized by Melissa, Ricardo, Rachel and Afroditi.

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Proposed Activity

5 minutes: brainstorm properties of soft electronics
10 minutes: reporting back

5 minutes: brainstorm properties of future societies
10 minutes: reporting back

5 minutes: brainstorm objects describing future societies
10 minutes: reporting back

15 minutes: ordering by themes and trends

We’ll keep strict time.

Bibliography | inspirations

Phillip K. Dick “A Scanner Darkly”
James Triptree Jr “The Girl Who Was Plugged In”
William Gibson “Mona Lisa Overdrive”
William Gibson “Idoru”
John Shirley “Eclipse Penumbra – A Song Called Youth”
Bruce Sterling “Holy Fire”
Neal Stephenson “Snow Crash”
Neal Stephenson “The Diamond Age (Or a Young Lady’s Primer)”
Geoff Ryman “Air”
Jeff Noon “Vurt”
Jeff Noon “Needle In The Groove”
Pat Cadigan “The Girl That Went Out For Sushi”
Bruce Sterling “Mirrorshades” (cyberpunk anthology)
Lawrence McCaffery “Storming the Reality Studio” (cyberpunk and postmodern SF anthology)
James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel “Rewired” (post-cyberpunk anthology)
Jonathan Strahan “Edge of Infinity” (hard sci-fi anthology)
Monica Hughes “The Keeper of The Isis Light” (from a trilogy of children’s books)

Katherine Hayles “How We Became Posthuman”
Gill Kirkup “The Gendered Cyborg. A reader”
Donna Haraway “Simians, Cyborgs, and Women”
Lyotard “The Inhuman: Reflections on Time”
Dunne & Raby “Speculative Everything Design, Fiction, And Social Dreaming”

Also, in Margaret Atwood’s “In Other Worlds – SF And The Human Imagination” there is an interesting chapter entitled Dire Cartographies: The Roads to Ustopia (a composite word between Utopia and Dystopia).

From p.86 –>
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Old Boys Network (cyberfeminism online)
Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy (excellent SF podcast produced by
A critique of critical design looking at critical theory

Old (2011) but good:

Obvious but…

Similar works:

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