Pauline Vierne


Now for two years electronic-textile designer at the Design Research Lab, Berlin University of the Arts in the Connected Textiles research group, currently working for the project DAAN.
Pauline´s work is about textile + sensors + knitting and starts to explore output possibilities through optical fibers, LEDs and thermochromics.

Pauline is also part of a project from DFKI (German Research Institute on Artificial Intelligence) to develop a knitted sensing garment.

Free time is busy with growing kombucha …


… and costume making…


PHOTO_20160605_235347 PHOTO_20160604_173810
Like for a walking around Nail Polish Barman…

or special Brötchen bags ? 


That´s a great opportunity to broaden and open perspectives between textile materials – electronics – natural organisms – academic and/or non academic application contexts…

(still no proper website though) :


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