Swatchbook Discussion


The discussion revolved around the number of copies and the amount of time spent on the production. Should the number of contributors be limited to prevent the production becoming boring? Clearly some participants were not happy with making exact copies and started making copies which are not “the same”.

The idea of organizing a “swatchbook market” during the summercamp, everybody being able to select certain swatchbook copies came up. This has the advantage that one can decide on a certain “theme” and select relevant copies around that theme, which could be a textile technique, a material, or a certain sensor. From this “finding your theme” a project could be started to elaborate and extend the examples of this theme.

Some contributors argued that you should first look at your available time for production and then decide what was possible for you to produce.

The fact that the copies are distributed in different swatchbooks means that if your items are different, and you don’t state this in the description, who can ever compare and discover that each is different?





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