Tools to bring

For working on projects, workshops

This is not a must, but if you have one, please bring. You do not have to buy new.
Please make sure to write your names on all the tools you bring. All the Arduino look the same and we will not know who it belongs to afterwards. Don’t also forget to mark your laptop adapter, it is also easy to mix up.

Arduino (and USB cable for it)
Jumper cable/ Hookup wire set
Crocodile clips
Variable power supply (3v-12v or any sort, switchable AC/DC adapter)
Pliers, Nippers, Wire strippers
Your Electronics component box (We have some components at summer camp, but you may have an idea to try for your project, and that particular sensor or transistor may be missing. Good to bring your favorite if it is not valuable)

Sewing set (basic sewing set to knitting/crochet needle..)
Crochet hook
Knitting needles
Whatever textile tools and materials you normally work with that you think will either come in handy or interesting to work with.

Camera (to document, we will ask you to copy the file at the end of summer camp)
Laptop (especially if you are participating in Arduino related workshop, you may need one)