Here is the tools/equipment list for Summer of weeks. If you are bringing equipment (sewing machine, knitting machine…) and are willing to let others use it, please add your tools and specify when it is available. Also if you would like to use it on specific day, please mark with […]

Tools List

Our final Summer Of E-Textiles meeting at Mika and Ingos place.

The Last Meeting

Afternoon fatigue can be battled with tea and biscuits. But we want to taste sweets from all over the world. Pack a package of your favorite sweets and bring them out to share in the afternoon.

Bring Biscuits!

Bring your favorite book to share with everybody during Summercamp. Write your name in it and leave it in the couch-area for people to browse. Books are a great source of inspiration, and will start all kinds of conversations. Here are the lists of books from previous Summercamp Libraries: 2016 […]

Contribute your book to the Summercamp Library

For 2 good handful of pecans butternut squash plenty of sage good olive oil linguine Roast the squash in the oven until very soft. Fry sage in a pan. Roast the pecan nuts in a pan. Cook the pasta until al dente. Toss and mix all ingredients with oil, salt […]

Vegan sage, pecan nuts and butternut squash pasta

Reimbursment If you have expenses for the camp, fest and/or school, please add it here >> WORKSHOP CHOICE by July 2: Choose workshops to take >> SUMMER EXHIBITION – eTEXTILE CUVE June 25: submit work >> TRAVEL INFO how to get there >> June 30: >> […]


As email is not the best way to group discuss something, we are introducing an experiment…we have created a chat-channel on we can discuss, chat, plan things in this room. It is without log-in or anything. Just click the below link! More about Riot/Matrix

Chat with everyone!

Come design and prototype eTextile connectors with Rachel Freire and Lara Grant As eTextile practitioners, we have all dreamt of what ideal connectors would look and behave like. There is a lot to still be explored, made and designed. Rachel and Lara will lead this workshop by introducing a few […]

eTextile Connector Workshop

by Irene and Hannah “Working in the field of electronic textiles often relies on a mix of tools from diverse disciplines, to construct, measure and probe the work in the making. This workshop introduces a set of tools specifically designed to work with electronic textiles, accounting for textile qualities and […]

Tools for eTextiles

by Becky In this workshop Becky will introduce some of the math used to model and describe circuits. It will cover the difference between current and voltage, how to use Ohm’s Law, and why do you really need to use a resistor in an LED circuit? It will be a […]

The Math Behind the Circuits

by Giulia and Sasha “In this workshop, participants will experiment with new materials, and traditional textile techniques to create ‘Impossible Textiles’. We will investigate textile structures and material properties. We will work with various conductive, and biologic materials. Material List : *Participants should bring whatever materials they would like to […]

Crafting Impossible Textiles