Accommodation: Basic

The basic accommodation is provided by the summer camp. Please note that this is very basic, with big shared room with shared bathrooms. If you need more comfortable sleeping with privacy, we suggest you to book the B&B.

The Basic Accommodation will be at the residency house. There are 5 rooms in total, and we will put 3-6 beds per room. (depending on the size of the room) So, be prepared for dorm room situation with no privacy and snoring chamber. The picture here is two of the big rooms, without many beds. These rooms will have 5-6 beds each. We will try our best to install bed or foam bed (in the worst case, air mattresses) for the number of people staying in the house. Please bring a sheet and pillow case, towel with you. We are also trying to provide blankets, but we may also need to ask some of you to bring sleeping bags.

Another challenge for us will be the bathroom situation. There are 2 shower + toilette bathrooms, 1 shower room, 1 toilette and 1 bath+shower in the house. We will have to share this with many people. Please do not expect to wash your hair everyday or read newspapers in the toilette. We like you stinky.

The other option to stay free during the summer camp is to camp outside. You will be able to find a green space where you can put up a tent around the Paillard facility. If you are planning to camp, please let us know in advance.