All the nerdy questions…

What’s your e-textile religion?
Can I sew condutive thread in my skin?
What is your favorite Arduino/Adafruit baord?
What’s the difference between piezoresistive and piezoelectric?
How to go to TAIPEI with all familly?
Is Claire KGB?
How does capacitive sensing on phones *Actualy* work? (Answer that a simpleton could understand)
How to plant micropackaging bare die on conductive threads at HOME?
Can a circuit (electronics) itself be a statement, like garment, textiles are a statement? Which circuits “says” what?
I like to have slow circuits. But current is so fast. Can we slow circuits down?
How to carbonize wool? Carbonizing, not cleaning from non-wool-matter?
Are we going to be us FOREVER? AND EVER?!!! No open calls! We are family *maybe more available materials. P.S plus… is there any couple that we don’t know yet?! 🙂
How many people at etextile summercamp 2017 feel comfortable explaining the concept of a voltagie divider to somebody?
WiFi or BTLE?
What happens to the batteries that I put in the recycling containers in the supermarket?
How does applying Triboelectric engines in big scale affect the world? e.g. Triboelectric engines in the oceans.
Is there an easy way to get started with lace making if you have almost no textile experience?
How to MAKE 1 000 000 Matrix Resolution?
Why aren’t there more males at e-textile summercamp?
Why is the world so messed up?
is carbon totally environmentally friendly?
How to start designing a complex circuit? Do you always need another one as a starting point?
Where do we want ETEXTILES to be in 5/10/50 years vs. where do we think it will be?
Define electromagnetism to a 5 year old.
Is Mr. Deckard a Replicant?
How do you cut thread to put in needle easily?
Does Stallman use o.s.c?
Shih Wei Chieh (last, first?)
What exactly is inductance?
How do I compile and upload code without Arduino?
How does a person made of wood feel?
Are you thinking of quitting E-Textiles?
If sensors can extend the human ability with plant or animal features, should they be alive/grow?
How do you know if and which resistor you need in the circuit?
How can we make Bloom (the cat) a more integral part of our process?
(How) will eTextiles save us?

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One thought on “All the nerdy questions…

  • Beam

    And Beam said to himself: “Now, whatever your question is, you must consider it your assignment to work on the answer yourself as a research, and report!”
    ok, ok, i am working on my 2 questions, and will put possible answers in a blog article soon…