AV/UV – Laser on textile explorations

by Wei, Esteban and Judit

“This workshop given by EJTECH and Shih Wei Cheih focuses on the application of laser onto textile and its various approaches.

It is structured into 3 sections.

A short introduction and presentation on reference projects using laser on textile techniques, followed by a theoretical introduction into the chemistry and technology used in these approaches. A demonstration on how to hack/prepare you first laser projector and control it via MAX/MSP or controlling laser via a cymatic approach.

Participants will hands on experiment and test how to make a permanent cyanotype/vandyke brown print on fabric using audio data, as well as exploring patterns and aesthetics over time, on a temporary print on a light reactive screen printed textile.

A different approach using the same tools, here participants will learn how to use laser UV scanning to make a safe mask on a conductive fabric in order to protect the desired areas from etching. We will use and focus this technique for creating a larger textile interface for the interactive exploration of sound. ”

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