Behind the Scene

We started with the etextile Summer camp in 2011, gathering expert etextile practitioners in one place for one week exchanging skills and knowledge through hands-on workshops. Since then we have been gathering annually at the Paillard Centre d’Art in summer. One of the aspect of the Summer Camp is to facilitate personal relationship among the participants, therefore we limit the number of participants to 30. Although this year, we are extending the numbers of events, expanding the size of summer camp is not our goal. We also emphasize the event as an “experts practitioner’s gathering”. This is because there are numbers of introductory workshops offered in many places, but there has not been many opportunities for experts to learn from others.

One decision we made in earlier years of summer camp is that once you participate in the summer camp, you can always come back to the summer camp. This is because it is nice to be able to say “see you next summer!” when you leave, just like the summer camps we experienced in our childhood. Therefore we have closed call for alumni campers and open call for new campers. Of course this system will eventually come to the point that we are full with returning campers. We are aware of the problem. But for now, we still prefer to keep the possibility to return over catering to larger numbers of practitioners. We will be very happy to see other similar events getting self-organized elsewhere to accommodate more practitioners.