Being a pro at exhibiting internationally

The full work-in-progress document can be found here.

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    • Make sure you properly export your work according to the regulations of your country, especially if you are installing your work on location but will not be there when the exhibition is taken down. It’s possible you’ll have to get forms signed at the airport at the moment you’re taking your work out of the country.
    • Have a contract in place about who is responsible for the work at which moment, make it not be dependant on other people’s insurance. Venues have a few days when the work arrives and they take pics and the insurance says they’ve OK-ed it. In that period the work is uninsured. This shouldn’t be your problem.
    • Make your work easily packable and clearly mark what goes where. Assume people are stupid. :/ Make it super simple.
    • Get paid in advance
    • Always take pictures just as you pack the work and insist people take pictures as they unpack the work, including of the box. Insurance wants to know stuff was ok when it was put in the box. Why should they believe you on your word?
  • General advice:
    • Make your work go on when power is switched on. Anything more complicated and your work won’t work 99% of the time. Assume people are stupid. :/
    • Use USB plugs to power your work if possible. Works anywhere in the world.
    • Trust your gut.

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