Contents Introduction Theory of resistive pressure sensors Using resistive pressure sensors From pressure sensor to distance sensor Making a pressure sensor Materials Sewing Connecting to your Arduino board Software Making the sensor sensitive to only one side Introduction Resistive pressure sensors are very popular in e-textiles as they are easy […]

Presence and pressure sensor

Contents Introduction Temporary connections Alligator clips Kettelstiften Safety pins Permanent connections Knot Components with 2 pins Chips Circuit boards Snap buttons Buttons Zippers Many connections Cheat sheet with more inspiration Links Introduction Connecting electronics to textiles is often difficult since electronics are inflexible and can have a very fine pitch […]

Hard/soft connections

Pile weaved “darning” an impossible textile inspired by Sasha’s rya knotting workshop. I was using this technique to make a “shake” sensor. Process: I strengthened worn space or hole with Bemis -I made an artificial hole for the experiment. (see Rachel’s swatch for example of Bemis witch conductive fabric). I […]

Pile weave darning

Some of the sketches and scribbles I made during this year’s camp:

Notes from camp

Estebans musical crystals Wool punk research Swatch book introduction Dinner Capacitive sensing workshop with Adrian and Admar Soft resistance brainstorm Part of the output of the soft resistance brainstom Professor Adrian Modelling Anna’s mask Wicked fabric hacked to become wool punk

Admars photos

A quick and easy way to connect conductive thread to an Arduino is use some pins used in jewelry making. They fit perfectly in the pin header of your Arduino so you only have to stick your thread to through the hoop and tie a knot. The pins are called “kettelstiften” […]

Quick temporary connections between conductive thread and Arduino

What’s your e-textile religion? Can I sew condutive thread in my skin? What is your favorite Arduino/Adafruit baord? What’s the difference between piezoresistive and piezoelectric? How to go to TAIPEI with all familly? Is Claire KGB? How does capacitive sensing on phones *Actualy* work? (Answer that a simpleton could understand) […]

All the nerdy questions…

* * * COPY ME * * * A Wearable Studio Practice is a collection of wearable and portable items that make it easier to become nomadic in your practice of making and manipulating the world. >> More information about the Wearable Studio Practice project: A Wearable Studio Practice […]

Work Skirt Pattern and Instructions

write your thougths… ok….some thoughts…. There is this textile shop in Chartres-sur-le-Loire, where a few of us bought materials in 2016, during the “free day”… isn’t there anything funny for them and for us to do together with them? Either have them over or do something in their shop? Other […]

suggestion for future summer camp

+ – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + Join us on the “dark side” of E-Textiles stars bright, threads alight; the tools we […]

Join us on the “dark side” of E-Textiles

We are planning to use dining room (next to the kitchen) as a projector space. This space is not so bright during the day and the projection can be seen even it is a sunny day. If anyone want to use a projector for workshops, discussions or any presentations, it […]

Projector at summer camp

Today, the task was to clean up the kitchen and make recipe experiment. We did extensive kitchen clean-up so we can cook large amount of food. Then we made test cooking of Moussaka. The tomato sauce and bechamel sauce came out super good… but the Moussaka came out more of […]

July 9th: Cooking experiment

It has been hot in Paillard and we have been going to swim at a lake in Marçon. It is about 20min car ride. Maybe some of you want to do this on the off day? On the way back from Marçon, we found the Level crossing of the train […]

swimming at the lake

Today, we are on big cleaning up of the printing room. and we did the up-satires together. It is almost ready. Yes, it was super dusty!

July 7th: even more cleaning up!!

.. in case the cue for the shower was too long, we have an extra shower possibility.

DIY shower

well, we have no twitter, no facebook… but hey, we started Diaspora! you can find us on #etextilesummercamp and #etextilesummerfest

Social Media

The organization team is now back in Paillard, starting the preparation! It is hot and sunny here. Expecting a wonderful summery summer camp! This morning, we swiped the whole theater floor. we are ready to go now. Ingo has set up his green office room in the garden. Unfortunately the […]

we are back!

There are many ways to start a BBQ fire, and everyone has their own trick… But this one James showed us is a good one. First, take 3 sheets of newspapers and fold it like ties. Wrap around a wine bottle with this long folded newspaper sheets. Now, place the […]

How to make a FIRE

Our final Summer Of E-Textiles meeting at Mika and Ingos place.

The Last Meeting

Afternoon fatigue can be battled with tea and biscuits. But we want to taste sweets from all over the world. Pack a package of your favorite sweets and bring them out to share in the afternoon.

Bring Biscuits!

Bring your favorite book to share with everybody during Summercamp. Write your name in it and leave it in the couch-area for people to browse. Books are a great source of inspiration, and will start all kinds of conversations. This year’s library list is here. Please add the books you […]

Contribute your book to the Summercamp Library

As email is not the best way to group discuss something, we are introducing an experiment…we have created a chat-channel on we can discuss, chat, plan things in this room. It is without log-in or anything. Just click the below link! More about Riot/Matrix

Chat with everyone!

Here is the Summer Camp Schedule planned so far.. we are still adjusting it, and it may change a bit.. but this is the rough idea of what will happen in these 7 days.