Focus Group

“make people weired and things get better” (Rachel) “everyone has an inherant resistance” (Rachel) “much easier to get pissed off about things than to act” (Rachel) “resistance is one tool of activism” (Liza) “I like to have slow circuits. But current is so fast.” (Beam) “We don’t have to do […]


softRESISTANCE Focus Group #wickedcommunity: Admar Beam Celine Hannah Lara Liza Rachel Zoe our wearableMANIFESTO: DIVERSITY “plurafunctionality” inclusiveness, accessibility, empathy a willingness to engage with everyone open to different ways of doing things our design is simple to understand, copy and customize there is no exact copy, every one is different […]


 Part of André Breton’s flat  Movable altar from India  “La Boîte-en-valise”, Marcel Duchamp  Altar of Zanza Yojamba Zandalar, WOW   Ofrenda de muertos schematic (Mexique) A series of stones picture with fossilise plastic, an example of the fact that we are in the anthropocene period.  Arcimboldo painting Hybrid object. Between tools […]

Altar native

Omo-karu-ishi make a wish and weigh the stone Ashidome at Ochoboinari Nail a shoe of a person who you want them to stay Kamidana a shintoism alter. people sometimes build this in the house, often in the kitchen. this one has a paper on the ceiling saying “cloud” Festival in […]

icons, superstitions, festivals and rituals…

pushing the aesthetics of textile electronics Exploring the relation between function and appearance, let’s create a new style of e-textile aesthetics and let’s not make it pretty. What does aesthetics add to a functionality? Why is this and that steampunky, futuristic or old-fashioned?

Let’s make it pretty

Unruly, obnoxious, wild and ecstatic e-textiles in your face! Exploring eTextiles in the realm of performing arts and ceremonial gatherings. It does not have to be always seamless and hidden, but can be loud & expressive as a part of act. In the context of performance, what will be the […]


extending the limits of human ability With the advancement of technology, extension and augmentation of our body with technology is becoming reality. eTextile plays a role in seamlessly embedding these technology on our body as a garment and a soft surface. Technologically augmented body does not look like bulky exoskeleton […]

Super Human

E-Craftivism as a form of “powerful resistance” Pussy Hat and Yarn bombing demonstrates the power of textiles in political action. Instead of black masks and spray paints, they introduce new tone of voice in political demonstrations. Soft but rigid resistance. What will it be if we were to craft activism […]

Soft Resistance

speculating on the rise and fall of complicated structures The world is full of wicked problems, a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve, and it is increasing. Will the use of technology save the situation? Or adding even more complication? With the eTextile in our hand, let’s speculate […]

Wicked future?