I joined the Loud & Expressive Group because the title fits in perfectly with my practice and research interests. I came to camp right after completing a 3 week residency at MASS MoCA. My idea was to create a series of textiles that would reveal images, or create an animation, […]

Singing to Your Textiles

Pile weaved “darning” an impossible textile inspired by Sasha’s rya knotting workshop. I was using this technique to make a “shake” sensor. Process: I strengthened worn space or hole with Bemis -I made an artificial hole for the experiment. (see Rachel’s swatch for example of Bemis witch conductive fabric). I […]

Pile weave darning

Unruly, obnoxious, wild and ecstatic e-textiles in your face! Exploring eTextiles in the realm of performing arts and ceremonial gatherings. It does not have to be always seamless and hidden, but can be loud & expressive as a part of act. In the context of performance, what will be the […]