Admar  (picture Becky Stewart) (picture Becky Stewart) Beam The idea was zero waste, which was fine, till the experiments with the cubes, woven copper, shielding the body. Still the inside shows the parts of the fabric cut out for the cubes. Further, as tools, I considered the swatches from […]

Our Wearable Manifestos

Bored of all these square or rectangular touch pads like your laptop and smart phone have? Then have a try at making a circular one yourself! At you can find a small program that generates a pattern for you. One should be on top, the other on the bottom and […]

Circular touch pattern generator

“make people weired and things get better” (Rachel) “everyone has an inherant resistance” (Rachel) “much easier to get pissed off about things than to act” (Rachel) “resistance is one tool of activism” (Liza) “We don’t have to do anything” (Beam) “I’m in the mess of the world, trying to build […]


softRESISTANCE Focus Group #wickedcommunity: Admar Beam Celine Hannah Lara Liza Rachel Zoe our wearableMANIFESTO: DIVERSITY “plurafunctionality” inclusiveness, accessibility, empathy a willingness to engage with everyone open to different ways of doing things our design is simple to understand, copy and customize there is no exact copy, every one is different […]


E-Craftivism as a form of “powerful resistance” Pussy Hat and Yarn bombing demonstrates the power of textiles in political action. Instead of black masks and spray paints, they introduce new tone of voice in political demonstrations. Soft but rigid resistance. What will it be if we were to craft activism […]

Soft Resistance