wicked future?

Experimentations in making a DIY low tech laser that can give a visual feedback of the different frequencies that are being played. A coil was made and used as a sort of vibration motor. It is controlled with low frequencies ranging from 30/40 hz. Trying to get it vibrate a […]

Tribal Sin Wave

 Part of André Breton’s flat  Movable altar from India  “La Boîte-en-valise”, Marcel Duchamp  Altar of Zanza Yojamba Zandalar, WOW   Ofrenda de muertos schematic (Mexique) A series of stones picture with fossilise plastic, an example of the fact that we are in the anthropocene period.  Arcimboldo painting Hybrid object. Between tools […]

Altar native

Omo-karu-ishi make a wish and weigh the stone Ashidome at Ochoboinari Nail a shoe of a person who you want them to stay Kamidana a shintoism alter. people sometimes build this in the house, often in the kitchen. this one has a paper on the ceiling saying “cloud” Festival in […]

icons, superstitions, festivals and rituals…

speculating on the rise and fall of complicated structures The world is full of wicked problems, a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve, and it is increasing. Will the use of technology save the situation? Or adding even more complication? With the eTextile in our hand, let’s speculate […]

Wicked future?