21st Dinner

Chili sin Carne



Raw Broccoli and Sultana Salad

This is from a recipe book I have. It is a vegetarian chili, and I make it very often. Since the recipe is in German, I am not reading it very carefully.. by now there are a lot of modification I made. I think the most important part is the […]

chili sin carne

Hannah makes an amazing Nachos! (well, the picture above is from internet..) We can maybe do this at summer camp? Ingredients: Tortilla chips (salty plane) Few scoop of Chili con/sin carne (see the parallel menu) a lot of cheese (cheddar, gauda) sour cream avocado chili tomato onion coriander garlic lime […]

Hannah’s Nachos

Broccoli salad (serves 15) 5 large heads broccoli 3 x red onions 1 large packet raisons or sultanas 1 large packet slithered or sliced almonds *(no matter if whole… I can chop) Ingredients for sweet vinaigrette = Red wine vinegar, olive or rape seed oil, caster sugar or honey. Simples […]

Raw Broccoli and Sultana Salad