Taiwan Summer Camp

Shih Wei Chieh, Kai Yu Kamm and Chia Wei Chang have organized a Taiwan eTextile Summer Camp called “Tribe against Machines” from August 18 to 28 2017. The camp was located at the Tai’an Township, village named Elephant’s nose. Some of the eTextile summer camp participants has traveled Taiwan to join the camp. The master weaver Yuma and her assistants at the Lihang studio, and many weavers (and Yuma’s former students) from Atayal tribe have hosted us with warm heart. We are documenting some of the experience we had there in this category.

by Mika with a help of Suri and Yuma As a part of the focus group project, I (mika) have worked on a eTextile sample book that is inspired by the pattern sample textile Atayal weavers inherit from mother to daughter. Also I fell in love with the Atayal traditional […]

Circular eTextile Sample Book

During the summer camp, we had chance to work on the focus group project. In this group, we dealt with two topics: Pattern of textiles, and Fictional future. We were fascinated with the Atayal traditional weaving patterns and the pattern textile samples that gets inherited from mother to her daughters. […]

Focus Group: a Textile Sample Book of Future Atayal patterns

Teacher: Meichi Location: Li-han Studio This is a simple technique of natural dyeing, but despite of the simplicity the outcome can be quite intricate. Pick plants and leafs you like. We went around the garden of Lihan studio and picked up different types of leafs. If the stem is too […]

Plant press dye workshop

Teachers: Meichi, Yuma Location: Li-han Studio At Lihan studio, you can see yarns dyed in various colors with natural dye. We learned how they make yellow dye with Fukuyuki leafs. Fukuyuki (Garcinia subelliptica, 福木, フクギ in Japanese) tree leafs can be used as a natural dye material, and it makes […]

Fukuyuki Yellow Dye workshop

Teacher: Meichi Location: Li-han Studio In Taiwan, there are few kinds of Indigo used for dyeing. There are 馬藍 (ma-ai) and 木藍 (ki-ai) as most common kinds. 翡藍 is used in Korea and Japan, and it has greenish blue than 馬藍. Meichi is growing 馬藍 (ma-ai) and she makes her […]

Indigo Dye Workshop

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