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Workshop assignment

Come design and prototype eTextile connectors with Rachel Freire and Lara Grant As eTextile practitioners, we have all dreamt of what ideal connectors would look and behave like. There is a lot to still be explored, made and designed. Rachel and Lara will lead this workshop by introducing a few […]

eTextile Connector Workshop

by Irene and Hannah “Working in the field of electronic textiles often relies on a mix of tools from diverse disciplines, to construct, measure and probe the work in the making. This workshop introduces a set of tools specifically designed to work with electronic textiles, accounting for textile qualities and […]

Tools for eTextiles

by Becky In this workshop Becky will introduce some of the math used to model and describe circuits. It will cover the difference between current and voltage, how to use Ohm’s Law, and why do you really need to use a resistor in an LED circuit? It will be a […]

The Math Behind the Circuits

by Giulia and Sasha “In this workshop, participants will experiment with new materials, and traditional textile techniques to create ‘Impossible Textiles’. We will investigate textile structures and material properties. We will work with various conductive, and biologic materials. Material List : *Participants should bring whatever materials they would like to […]

Crafting Impossible Textiles

By Admar and Adrian Description: Insensitive sensors, stuck buttons, random touches, noisy signals and sensors that worked perfectly yesterday but now suddenly seem to ignore humans and instead do what ever they like. Does this sound familiar when you tried to use capacitive touch sensors in your last project? Then […]

Everything you always wanted to know about capacitive touch* (* ...

by Wei, Esteban and Judit “This workshop given by EJTECH and Shih Wei Cheih focuses on the application of laser onto textile and its various approaches. It is structured into 3 sections. 1) OPENING A short introduction and presentation on reference projects using laser on textile techniques, followed by a […]

AV/UV – Laser on textile explorations