Circular touch pattern generator

Bored of all these square or rectangular touch pads like your laptop and smart phone have? Then have a try at making a circular one yourself!

At you can find a small program that generates a pattern for you. One should be on top, the other on the bottom and top and bottom should be electrically insulated. Although I’m fairly confident that it gives some usable results, it comes with a few warnings:

  • It’s a work in progress and could actually use a decent rewrite.
  • It lacks a nice interface, so you have to change the source code (lines 2 – 7) to generate different designs.
  • It lacks an export function. (PDF or SVG would be nice?)
  • I haven’t tried any of the designs myself yet (although I have tried a more simple design that had some wrong scaling and even that worked rather well for some simple tests).
  • Current design is based on circles, but from a mathematical point of view, it should actually be spirals. Again: work for a rewrite.

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