Everything you always wanted to know about capacitive touch* (* but were afraid to ask)

By Admar and Adrian

Description: Insensitive sensors, stuck buttons, random touches, noisy signals and sensors that worked perfectly yesterday but now suddenly seem to ignore humans and instead do what ever they like. Does this sound familiar when you tried to use capacitive touch sensors in your last project? Then fear no more and join the capsense workshop to learn how to master these subversive sensors! Here you will have the chance to learn all about the ins and outs of robust capacitive sensing. We will start with the general basics of capacitive sensing, analyze two different methods of measuring capacitive touch (Arduinos default CapacitiveSensor library and a new open source library), explain several tricks to make it even more robust and finish with a hands-on where you can experiment yourself. No PhD in physics or advanced degree in math required as we will try to keep things as simple and clear as possible.

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