Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes is located in the village of Poncé sur le Loir. It is a tiny village with one bakery and a church on a hill. Yes, you can expect to be isolated from the civilization.

You will see the small sign to turn into the Paillard Art center. Yes, their neighbor is a wine seller. You can expect a good French wine.

Enter through the natural tree gate and you will be at the Paillard Center d’Art. You may meet the chickens, greeting, the official residence of Paillard.

The facility used to be a paper mill. It consists of few old stone buildings, now turned into exhibition spaces,a theater, workspaces and a residency house. If we are lucky with weather, you could even swim in the river next to the facility. The summer camp will be hosted at the theater as a work space and at the residency house as our accommodation.

The theater, where we hold workshop, discussion and the group project is a big high ceiling hall over 200 sqm. We will set up workstations with electricity outlet on one half for workshops, and projection screen with comfortable seating area on another half of this space.

During the camp, we will cook and eat together. There is a big kitchen and dining area in the facility next to the theater. We are hoping to get some local fresh vegetables, good cheese and wine. It is in France, it can not go too wrong.
If you have special preference on food (Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose free, Egg allergy.. so on), we try to make a choice for you. Please let us know in advance. We will make an open recipe vote on this site to decide the camp food menu. So, do not forget to check the upcoming recipes.


!! There is only one super market near the facility (NOT walkable. Do not expect to go to supermarket yourself) and no real shops around. If you have special food need (gluten free.. so on), we suggest you to purchase it at home and bring it with you.