Focus Group: a Textile Sample Book of Future Atayal patterns

During the summer camp, we had chance to work on the focus group project. In this group, we dealt with two topics: Pattern of textiles, and Fictional future. We were fascinated with the Atayal traditional weaving patterns and the pattern textile samples that gets inherited from mother to her daughters. We thought of creating a version of future textile samples of Atayal, that incorporates eTextiles.

Focus Group Members:
Martin, Audrey, Tincuta, Ruping, MeiFan, and Mika

Atayal EMF circuit embroidery

by Martin and Shangshang (embroidery machine support)

Homecoming Mountain pattern

by Martin and Ruping

Pick-up woven pattern tilt sensor

by Ruping

Wedding Belt

by Tincuta

Atayal pattern with Light

by Audrey

Circular eTextile Sample Book

by Mika
Collections of eTextile woven circuit on continuous circular woven textile woven on traditional Atayal loom.

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