Organization Team

The core organization team is Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Pauline Vierne and Ingo Randolf, with a big support from Shelly and James Porter, the organizers of Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes.

The organization team members are etextile practitioners, tinkerers, designers and artists based in Berlin Germany. Since early spring, we have been meeting weekly over cosy dinner to discuss the details of the event: from the content of the workshops to logistics organization.

If you like to contact the organization team, please email to

Mika Satomi (KOBAKANT,

Hannah Perner-Wilson (KOBAKANT,

Pauline Vierne (

Ingo Randolf (

Shelly De Vito (Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain )

James Porter (Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain )