Plant press dye workshop

Teacher: Meichi
Location: Li-han Studio

This is a simple technique of natural dyeing, but despite of the simplicity the outcome can be quite intricate.
Pick plants and leafs you like. We went around the garden of Lihan studio and picked up different types of leafs. If the stem is too thick, you need to peal of half of the stem so it is not too juicy. Some leaves might also be too juicy, you will notice this when the leave print has run out, but this might also be something that you would want.

Place the leafs on a natural fiber fabric (i.e. cotton), thin light colored fabric works best. Then fold the fabric in half and hit it with a rubber hammer (or smooth stone) until the color is traced.

To keep the colors you can dip it in a bath of water with alum, potassium or copper (Cu2H2O), each will have a slightly different outcome. Copper will make the colors more bright. You can also play with all three by using cotton swabs to dip/wet each leave separately with a different bath. Wash the fabric and dry it well in a shadow.

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