Tribal Sin Wave

Experimentations in making a DIY low tech laser that can give a visual feedback of the different frequencies that are being played. A coil was made and used as a sort of vibration motor. It is controlled with low frequencies ranging from 30/40 hz. Trying to get it vibrate a maximum using a light and rigid surface. With Esteban and Judith we used a laser and put a mirror on the magnet and placed it in the middle of the coil. With this technique we can actually visualize the sin wave of the sound frequency. Using a UV sensitive ink, the laser marked a ephemeral print of the light on the fabric. Another idea would be to continue by experimenting with the resonant frequencies of materials by attaching directly a very light speaker on the material.


This experimentation was part of the wicked future group where we imagined a speculative scenario of what this e textile community leaves behind and how it could be interpreted in the futur by archaeologists or anthropologists. Tourists were invited in a “reserve” that recreated and re interpreted the e-textile artefact’s leading to different spiritual, techno-chamanist references.

Claire Williams

Esteban de la torre

Judit Eszter kárpáti

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