School Shuttle Schedule

Paillard is relative easy to reach by car but when relying on public transportation, connections are scarce.

There will be a shuttle service organized to pick up and drop off SummerSchool participants from Vendôme-Villiers sur Loir TGV Station (45 minutes car ride to Paillard).

To book the train ticket, you can use this site >>
It is highly recommended that you book your train ticket in advance as you need a seat reservation to take the TGV (this does not add fees, it is just the system)


All Pick-ups will happen at Vendôme-Villiers sur Loir TGV Station reachable  from Paris Montparnasse:

Pick-up Schedule on Friday 21st July:

  • 17:30   > for the train arriving at 17:17

Pick-up Schedule on Saturday 22nd July:

  • 8:30     > for the train arriving at 8:17
  • 13:30   > for the train arriving at 13:17
  • 19:30   > for the train arriving at 19:17

Pick-up Schedule on Sunday 23rd July:

  • 13:30   > for the train arriving at 13:17
  • 18:30   > for the train arriving at 18:17

See connection details in the attached table:

If your travel route doesn´t go through Paris, please have a look at connections that could bring you to Château du Loir and get in touch with

Drop-off Schedule on Saturday 29th July:

8:25 at Vendôme – Villiers sur Loir TGV station
to Paris Montparnasse

13:10 at Château du Loir*
to airports **

See connection details in the attached table:

*Note on Château du Loir drop off plan:

No pick ups were arranged from this station (car ride to Paillard is about 25 minutes) because they take place during SummerFest and we will have a few back-and-forth travelling.

**Note on airports connection:

Paris International airports, namely Roissy-Charles De Gaulle and Orly, are fairly easy to reach from paillard via train connections from Château du Loir. Either via Le Mans or Saint Pierre des Corps (connection from local train to TGV) it avoids Paris city center stations and metro.

  • To Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport: TGV station is in Terminal 2.
  • To Orly airport you need to stop at Massy TGV station.

Orly Airport is reachable from Massy TGV via taxi. A ride takes 15 minutes and costs estimations varies from 22 to 32 euros.

(there is a semi-complex system that implies 3 minutes walk to Massy-Palaiseau in order to take RER C (yellow line on the Paris transportation map) to RER Station Pont de Rungis and then one more bus to the Airport itself… but unless you are French and have plenty of time to explore neighborhood this adventurous trip is not to recommend…)