Discussions, Presentations and Performances

Here is the details of the Panel Discussions, Presentations and Performances planned during the Summer Fest. Overall Schedule of the Summer Fest is here >> http://etextile-summercamp.org/2017/summerof/summerfest/

The panel discussions and presentations will be held in English, unless the presenter decides to talk in French and English.

Panel Discussion: Social E-Textiles
by Emilie Giles, Lara Grant and Anna Blumenkranz
Time: July 22 15:30- 16:30

Panel Discussion: The history of computing and weaving, the consumer society and data democratisation
by Becky Stewart, Audrey Briot, Rachel Freire and Adrian Freed
Time: July 22 17:00- 18:00

Presentation: Laser Dying
by Shih Wei Chieh
Time: July 22 18:30- 19:00

Presentation: How to use the human body and behavior to develop the fashion of the future
by Aniela Hoitink
Time: July 22 19:00- 19:30

Textile innovation, but just that bit different, is what Neffa is all about. Through a multi- and interdisciplinary way of working and studying the different aspects (colour change, growth, nurture) of the skin we are researching how textile and clothes can act in the future. Neffa is interested in mimicking the skin and all its dynamic, changeable and living aspects. Like the skin is taking care of us, textiles could be taking care of us. Our skin is responding to the way we are and feel, what we do and how we behave. So each textile will act differently based on the wearer, because we all have a different skin. This makes our skin the ultimate form of personalisation. During this presentation Aniela will explain this vision based on two projects; the Chameleon mood scarf and Dynamic skin.

Performance: Transhumance
by Maurin Donneaud
Time: July 22, 22:00 – 22:30

this is my first time, my stage bapteme, like the picture that show the place where I almost born, the place where I were baptized. This soundtrack illustrates a transhumance. A herd of sheep that joins the mountain pastures through the countryside and stone paths. The bells that sound and resonate were nicely tuned by the shepherd who guides his flock to isolate himself for several months in the middle of silence.

Performance: Spectrogramme
by Audrey Briot and Martin De Bie
Time: July 22, 22:45-
A noise performance using knitting spectrogramme and diverse textile sensors

Presentation: Female Biophilia: The Potential of Wearing Microorganisms
by Giulia Tomasello
Time: July 23, 10:00- 10:20

Future Flora is a harvesting kit designed for women to treat and prevent Vaginal Infections. The project tackles the experience of growing and nurturing living organisms at home. This receptiveness to science is a trend manifested by the growing of bio hackspaces, citizen science, and DIY biology. Aiming not to engineer nature but to design with existing resources. An important step to empower citizens with scientific knowledge on the edge of the bio-hacking revolution, where the female becomes a participant in the culture and the knowledge of science. Future Flora opens the possibility of wearing living organisms in the future, aiming towards a new health proposition of Female Biophilia.