WED: Designing and Printing with Thermochromic Pigments

Wednesday, July 26th

In this workshop you will be introduced to Thermochromic pigments otherwise known as colour changing dyes. You will experiment, play and print with different pigments to create exciting evolving designs which can be changed by the heat of the body or with surface mount electronics and small heat sinks. There will be an opportunity to screen print your designs onto textile with can then be incorporated into other skills you are learning. You will also be introduced to a simple way of heating your printed textile on the reverse or with a separate layer so that it can be programmed to change in a sequence.
By the end of the day you should have a swatch that can be changed from one colour to another, revealing patterns and designs and a simple heat sink which can be controlled by battery or another power source.

Workshop Leaders:

Lynsey Calder

Lynsey is a screen printer, researcher and educator. Her current role is as the print and dye technician at Glasgow School of Art where she teaches across all years. Her own practice involves incorporating traditional textile printing and dyeing techniques with colour changing smart materials, primarily Thermochromics and Fluorescents. With a keen interest in origami, light and shade, Lynsey’s work reacts and responds to different environmental conditions exploring the possibilities of surface design. This work aims to push aesthetics by creating a new textile topography.

Pauline Vierne

Pauline works as an e-textile researcher at the Design Research Lab, Berlin University of the Arts since 2014. Using experimental design and practice-led processes, her work bridges conductive and unconventional materials using traditional craft techniques to explore new materiality.

Besides academic research, Pauline is currently collaborating with make up artists and interactive media artists in order to explore diverse means of expression.