Drawing 3 – by a critical e-chicken historian

Now a text started the after lunch drawing session:

“I think feelings and e-textiles are ….”

It’s about “feelings”, it’s about “e-textiles”! But wait …. there is the “thinking” too! And don’t forget the “Sein vom Sein”, the being……although there is a box drawn around feeling + e textiles. The dots at the end point to a happy ending.

Also there is nothing in this sentence referring to an actual object. “Feelings” (an sich) is a bit a collection or even a garbage collection word. E-textiles is referring to quite a lot too.

Sketches by the e-chicks Barbro, Beam, Sascha ….

the middle one was a bit modified by a later generation of e-chicken historians:


There is only one “feeling” depicted, that of a battery in the feeling state of being “flat”. The e-textile part is represented by the e-rooster, being the technological optimist. This e-rooster is already being trans-e-chickenised: his eye is replaced by an all seeing LED. But in his enthusiasm of “being” he jumps over the big problems of thinking and feeling. He considers his notions about feelings clear enough to transfer this to a garment. He forgets that a garment should be washed and that feelings cannot stand the soap & water. What he should have said is that feelings can be sewn into a special pocket, which can than be sewn into the garment, and removed when the garment is diving in the water.

That in those days of early e-chikens notions were not totally clear can be seen in the third drawing, which is probably referring to the fact that you cannot think “e-textiles” into a pocket for having it into your garment.

An interesting e-chicken issue: “why show emotions when your clothing can do it for you?”