PAN workshop

Thrilled by the idea mentioned in “When Things start to think” by Neil Gershenfeld i started to build a near-field intra-body communication device to transmit data through a body by capacitive coupling.
Original paper by Thomas Guthrie Zimmerman:

Using the body as a communication channel is an interesting approach to send sensors-data from one part of the body to another part of the body – or to another body. This may be very useful for e-textile projects. Especially when it is not possible to use conductive material to transmit data.

Read the full post here:
Kicad-project and code:


Workshop at the etextile-summercamp 2018:





(components to build a transmitter and a receiver)


(transmitter resonator-tank with electrode)


(looking at the signal: yellow – MC output, turquoise – resonator output)

(the receiver)